Your job as an architect or interior designer is to transform a client’s vision into a physical reality. When it comes to choosing flooring, the possibilities these days are endless. From carpet or vinyl planks and tiles to sustainable materials and engineered timber, there are several factors you must consider in order to deliver the best value to your client.

At Project Floors, we know budget is always top-of-mind, but so should purpose and function, long-term value, and sustainability, as well as the latest trends and aesthetic elements like colour and pattern.

Choose a material based solely on price and you may end up spending more on maintenance long-term. Focus too intensely on aesthetics and you run the risk of blowing out your client’s budget.

For every project, it’s about finding the right balance between value, design, and innovation - and bringing them together in a way that exceeds your client’s expectations.

Working with flooring design experts – like us - who have the right knowledge to guide you through the process is invaluable – and here’s why:

1. You get the right products in the right places
Maybe you’re after durable and sturdy floors that stand the test of time, or perhaps something a little fancy yet hard-wearing to weather wet shoes and muddy boots. Whatever your project needs, we offer a wide range of designs, colours, and variations. We’ll even hand deliver samples if you’re based in Auckland.
2. Get your order faster
We design, create, manufacture and stock for New Zealand businesses – large and small. We bring global trends to the local market – and when it comes to stock, we have you covered. Our project management skills are top-notch, and because we schedule in lead-in times and our stock is stored in Auckland, we can get your flooring project underway quickly.
3. Custom design save you time
Anything is possible – we can create custom flooring designs for any architectural or interior design project (you can see some of our previous work here) and offer full project management including floor finish layouts and plans, renders, and product quantities and specifications.
We’ll iron out any kinks along the way and ensure your flooring project is:
a) delivered on time
b) within budget
c) serves its purpose; and
d) meets your client’s aesthetic desires.