The healthcare sector is certainly one of the most important areas of application in which design flooring can exploit its full range of strengths. Fully glued and sealed, it can easily withstand all hygiene requirements. The also looks fantastic and visually does not have much in common with the floor in hospitals of earlier times. 

What significance does the aesthetic design of the premises play in this context? 
That's why choosing warm colors is quite necessary to give you that particular feeling.  Particularly striking is of course the herringbone pattern in the patient rooms. You do not see that so often in hospitals. The flooring does play an important role for the employees, doctors, nurses, and patients. 

Which (general) requirements have been applied to the new flooring?
There are a number of criteria that need to be met when deciding the right flooring for a healthcare project. At the top, of course, hygiene requirements are number one. The flooring must, therefore, be absolutely disinfectant-resistant. The second condition is durability. So to speak, "on the fly" with pushed beds on castors, the flooring must be resistant to abrasion. Third, the design should fit the overall concept. Finally, the price-performance ratio has to be maintained.

What were the decisive criteria for a PROJECT FLOORS design floor?  
PROJECT FLOORS is able to fulfill all four criteria hygiene requirements, durability, design, and price. 

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