Custom carpet tile colours flooring
So you want to build a custom floor covering? 
Maybe to match a certain brand colour in a retail environment or to match a school colour in a school refurbishment. 
Project floors have you covered. Not only can we make up custom colour versions of carpet tile and plank patterns we currently hold in stock, we can also make you up your own unique pattern. 
Quite a few of our carpet tiles started out as custom colours and we loved them so much we kept them around. Here are some of our favourites. 
Xero head office - with two custom colours of oriental bay in our sustainable Ecoynl Yarn. 
Custom Huka Falls colours at CDC Christchurch
Carpet tiles to match the building colours at Albany Junior High School. in our Pollaris and Parallel ranges. 
If you have something in mind, give one of our consultants a call and we can talk you through the process of how you can get your hands on the perfect tile for your project. 
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Yes, carpet tiles are more common,
but want to talk custom vinyl? We do that too!