Nowadays, architects encounter big hurdles when it comes to implementing individual customer requests when laying floor coverings.

Design Floors - Simply Uncomplicated
Private household prefer durable and sturdy floors, which can be used even after many years with little care.
Entrepreneurs want fancy design flooring for their business space that is hard-wearing and withstands the moisture caused by snow and mud even in winter.
It feels good to have the widest selection of vinyl design floors.

Design Floor for every customer
At Project Floors, we believe that every customer deserves a really good flooring which looks awesome and is durable as well as cost effective.

Over 350 Different Design Floors
Project Floors designer flooring offer a wide range of different designs, colors and variations. From wood , stone, concrete to tile like look. There is something in store to suit everyone's needs.

We accompany you on your way to finding the very best floors for your project.