By supplying only the highest quality, sustainable products, we help customers steer a pathway towards a better future.


We promise to take all steps necessary to protect the environment and to prevent adverse effects. Here you will find all information and certificates concerning the environment.

We attach great importance to the environmental safety of all its products and processes. With the certification of our production facilities in accordance with the most significant environmental management system worldwide (ISO 14001:2004), we committed ourselves to take into account environmental issues and continuously improve the environmental situation with every corporate decision. This involves, for example, diligent use of all resources in terms of sustainable value orientation, protection of water and air quality and reduction of waste throughout production. Compliance with every requirement is guaranteed by regular audits by independent certification authorities.

The manufacture of our floor coverings consumes much less energy than that of many related products. Long life cycles and the low maintenance in daily cleaning also contributes to the positive balance of energy present during production.

Already during the production own wastes are reused at PROJECT FLOORS. Therefore, the new manufactured product consists of impeccable recycled material from an average of 27%.

Even at the end of useful life, the numerous possibilities for recycling reinforce the positive ecological picture. Due to the flooring’s composition, processed waste can be reused saving new base materials. 


Our design floor coverings are regularly tested for low emissions to avoid any adverse effect on the indoor climate in commercial and residential buildings. Here you will find all information and certificates concerning indoor climates.

Our floor coverings are regularly and repeatedly tested for low emissions to avoid a influence on the indoor climate.

Therefore on the one hand all our products are approved with the “Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (AbZ)” by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) in Berlin. The limit values are tested once a year by an independent testing laboratory. The conformity with the initial testing is documented on our brochures and boxes with the “Ü-mark”.

Furthermore all our floor coverings are in accordance to the “Indoor Air Comfort” certificate. This is also a test for low emissions, showing compliance with emission requirements of all relevant European specifications. The even higher level “Indoor Air Comfort Gold”, valid for all PROJECT FLOORS products, additionally shows compliance with the specifications of all relevant voluntary labels.

The TÜV PROFiCERT certificate proves once again the harmlessness of PROJECT FLOORS floor coverings with regard to the indoor air climate. Successfully observing the determined limits for noxious substances and emissions, our products provide tested reliability for domestic and commercial applications.

On top of that the special Finnish test procedure "M1" confirms the absence of formaldehyde and ammonia. It is completed by the sensory check of a 23 persons’ panel. In this case our products received again top marks.


Our design floor coverings are produced with plasticizers that are free of phthalates. Here you will find more information about the used alternative Hexamoll® DINCH® of BASF.

Since January 2013, we have completely stopped using plasticizers containing phthalates in the production of all its floor coverings. Instead, only the safe alternative Hexamoll® DINCH® will be used, developed by BASF for uses in close human contact. These especially include the sensitive areas of toys, medical articles or food packaging.

Hexamoll® DINCH® is the best-researched non-phthalate plasticizer.

Independent assessments show:

Excellent toxicological properties. Approval for baby articles. More than six-fold better limits for migration in food. The best ranking in ecological efficiency analyses, considered holistically in terms of ecological and economical aspects throughout the life cycle of a product

Where else is Hexamoll® DINCH® put to use?

Toys and children’s articles:

Dolls and figurines, Inflatable toys and balls, Swimming aids, Baby and children’s articles
Food packaging:

Cling films, Freshness seals, Cap closures, Sealing rings
Medical articles:

Blood bags, Respiratory tubes, Catheters, Disposable gloves
Sport and leisure articles:

Gymnastic balls, Exercise mats, Massage balls, Shower curtains
Find out more about Hexamoll® DINCH® by clicking on the logo.

Both Hexamoll® and DINCH® are registered trade marks of BASF SE.