Project Floors organic floors are among the most ecological permanently elastic floor coverings on the market. Without chlorine, without plasticizes and without solvents, they have proven to be extremely hard-wearing. The flooring is also available in over 120 designs - this also applies to the Purline organic flooring Wineo 1500. It is available in five formats variants XS to XL and individual surface finishes. 

In plank format, the collection offers 36 attractive wood decors in the format sizes Wood  XS, Wood L and wood XL. The Purline organic flooring Wineo 1500 is a polyurethane covering with a thickness of 2.5mm for gluing.  The basis is Ecuran, a composite material which is predominantly made from vegetable oils, such as rapeseed or castor oil, and naturally occurring mineral components, such as chalk. The covering is produced without chlorine, without plasticizes and without solvents. It is also UV - resistant, temperature - safe, odorless and easy to care for.

A study from Pfiff Institute verified the outstandingly high quality of PURLINE organic flooring,  with the study concluding that: "Its resistance to chemical and mechanical influences is exemplary, as is its environmental compatibility.  PURLINE organic flooring has much lower life-cycle costs compared to all other floor coverings currently available on the market". The Pfiff Institute believes that this floor covering would be economical and practical to use.

Purline organic flooring is almost 100% resilient as a thermosetting material. Imprints on the surface of the floor, which can be caused by heavy objects, will disappear on their own within a short time. What is relevant for visitors and the atmosphere is the fact that walking on Purline is easy with joints and pedal-free.