Go2Range - Kapiti Coast BLACK + NAVY 559


Project Floors specialises in floor coverings, which offer real advantages in modern design. Ths Go2range is discreetly reserved, making these your go-to for any project. 

Offering unlimited ways in which to combine together or complement other carpet ranges,  the Go2range comprises square 500mmx500mm Carpet tiles back with or without EcoTx. EcoTx is our patented built In underlay system. We apply this in the manufacturing stage, which means total assurance in performance and enhanced benefits. When tiles are backed by EcoTx, this offers superior acoustics in both NRC and IIC.

When planning any space the goal is to create a productive space for all. Spatial well-being increases motivation, creativity and efficiency in occupants, ultimately providing an environment in which one feels at home.  Made of the correct materials, forms and colours the Go2range gives feelings of comfort and warmth.

In terms of application, the Go2range is perfect for decorative and functional acoustic soft floor coverings in education, retail and commercial interiors. As it creates functional floor spaces perfect for display, privacy and sound absorption. 



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Ask us how you can customise this tile or make this a sustainable choice for your project.