In our fast-paced society, we want everything to cost nothing and at the same time be worth a lot.

Idealism and passion as drive:
Architects already know what they are expecting in the working world before they start their studies. Driven by a lot of Idealism and Passion, they are doing a vital service to our society. Even if architects make their own contribution to the beautiful history of architecture, their ideas continue to live beyond death in the form of Buildings.

Architects play an important role in the society:
Without Architects, our cities would not be so worth living in. We probably would all live in equally uniform and ugly four walls. But architects put their ideals before their own merit and bring out with their passion usually the maximum - a performance that is hardly rewarded.

We at Project Floors try and set a mindful signal in times of an artificial society..... We tell all architects: Thank You for your idealism, contribution and your infinite passion!