Naturalness is Trendy and with it all the materials that emit it. Wood as a primitive element stands for exactly that and is found today more than ever in furniture, accessories or even in the floor area again.

Countries like the Scandinavian people show it: wood as  a strong foundation radiates warmth and naturalness. It grounds a room and creates a space that makes large rooms look particularly small. Straight like oak wood floors are currently particularly popular and creates an existing contrast in combination with rough materials such as concrete or metal.

The Easy - Care Alternative: Wood-Look Design Floors
But what if the room is not suitable for the wooden floor? Like the local bath? Or if the floor covering in heavily used premises with stricter hygiene requirements such as in hospitals, restaurants or shops to use?

Such spaces require a floor that is particularly easy to care for and remains resistant even under prolonged intensive stress. This is also due to our synchronous embossing: For some decors, we deliberately work in details such as small knotholes, which you can not only see but also feel! This Creates a particularly natural look.

Our Floor coverings offer countless design options for your individual well-being dreams in the private and commercial sector. You want to lay the same flooring from the hall to the bathroom? Not a problem with our Vinyl Floors.

Because Being Practical is also Beautiful....