With Purline , we offer the first synthetic floor covering that is made of renewable raw materials and natural fillers. It is based on polyurethane, one of the highest quality plastics, which is versatile, wear-resistant and very resistant to solvents, chemicals and weather effects. Thanks to these properties, it is commonly used among other things in the automotive and furniture industry, in the medical sector and for sports equipment.

Purline organic flooring

Purline product researchers have managed to replace the petrochemical polyols in polyurethane with bio-based polyolsmade from canola and castor oils, and to introduce what is probably the most ecological floor covering to the market. Without any chlorine, plasticisers or solvents, odour-neutral and almost emission-free.

This bio-polyurethane makes Purline particularly suitable for use in sensitive areas. With its environmental and health compatible properties, it is ideally suitable for the health sector, in hospitals and retirement homes, but also for public buildings like kindergartens.

And Purline is also a breath of fresh air in the home – not only with its ecological properties, but also due to its modern, colourful and creative designs.