There’s no doubt kids are hard on a carpets, muddy shoes, vomit, food, paint, crayons, glue and even the occasional “code brown” you name it we’ve probably had it squished into one of our school’s classroom carpets at some point. So, you need something that’s truly going to stand up to the punishment long term.

That is why for at least the last 6 years Pinehurst has being putting carpet tiles from Project Floors in its new builds, and refurbishments of classrooms and common areas. Project floors has a great selection of different shades, colours, textures and types of carpet and Jade and the team are incredibly helpful giving creative ways to combine practical hardwearing options with just a little fun and colour which younger students enjoy, for example they recently supplied a new entrant classroom with green feet cut into the pile, and occasionally you will see the kids standing in the oddest places in the room cause their all standing on the green feet.

Project floors have always been incredibly helpful, responsive, and understanding of our needs even when we have put them under tight times frames, changed our minds last minute or been a little demanding, they always respond quickly, efficiently, professionally and with a good nature.

We look forward to completing another 6 rooms with them over this summer break.

Great work guys. 

- Pinhurst


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