Feel-Good Pet Factor:
A life without a pet? For many unimaginable! Around every third household in New Zealand now has an animal roomie or “fur baby’. And that has positive side effects: Several studies have shown that pets are proven to lower our stress levels and keep us fit and healthy. For dog owners, there is finally no "too cold" or "too tired". If our four-legged friend has to go, we will inevitably have to go to the fresh air. So we are not only always on the move, but often get to know new people. 

What to do with dirt and grime?
However, pets not only give us many joys, but sometimes also work. Especially when it is snowing or raining outside, wet paws are inevitable and it is often inevitable that our animal brings dirt and moisture home. 

Loose dirt such as sand or animal hair can be easily removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Special vacuum cleaner attachments ensure that the flooring is cleaned very gently. 

What is to be done with sticky dirt such as paw prints?

Vinyl flooring has the advantage that it is extremely easy to clean. Dirty impressions can usually be removed from the floor covering by wet wiping. 

A neutral cleaner is a suitable home remedy that you can safely use to clean your vinyl floor. Make sure, however, that the cleaner contains no solvents or bleach. Otherwise there is a risk that the floor covering will be discolored. You should also refrain from using scouring powder as the surface of your floor covering may become dull when used for a long time. 

In general, it is sufficient to mix a small amount of neutral detergent in the warm water to achieve a clean cleaning result. 

Then wipe the vinyl floor with a damp cloth. So that no puddle arises. In this way, your flooring is usually dry and walkable after just a few minutes. This can be additionally accelerated if you provide good room ventilation during wiping so that the moisture can be removed better. 

We wish you and your pet a wonderful time and a lots of fun in your own four walls!