Living Trend: Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle or big city jungle. The trend topic 2019, where no one is passing by right now. No wonder. In times when climate change is omnipresent, more and more people are embracing a sustainable way of life - in harmony with nature. This also affects the entire interior design. Whether in modern hotel concepts, trendy fashion stores, in the office or at home - the green wave creates new living environments in which nature finds its way into us and we can feel at home.

We think that when style and sustainable thinking meet, that can only be good. At PROJECT FLOORS we have been working for a long time to protect the environment in the best possible way. In our last contribution to sustainability , we have already reported on how this affects the entire value chain in process and production. What makes our design flooring sustainable? It's the positive features, such as long life, complete recyclability and easy care.

Green Living: Natural & Real

But what is actually the "urban jungle trend"? And which design flooring suits the new trend particularly well? Of course, the color green naturally plays a central role in the design concept. Real plants such as cactus or palm trees, cushions with plant prints or animal accessories fit perfectly. Everything that supports the "jungle feeling" is welcome. Also beautiful are wall prints of exotic leaves or plants. White or gray walls go well with the look. Just as all natural decorative materials made of wood, raffia, rattan or linen.

Less is more: urban design flooring

That should also be reflected in the ground. Less is more here. Particularly bright, natural design floor coverings in wood look or industrial-like, grey floors fit perfectly to the new trend. With over 150 different designs, we offer the one of the largest selection of design floor coverings in New Zealand. Along with our Waitakere Range which enables a multitude of individual, creative design possibilities - also for the new "Urban Jungle Trend".

Everything that corresponds to a natural look and retreats in the color fits perfectly. The "Urban Jungle" style needs space and a stage to work for itself. Our tip: the new, Waitakere Planks create exactly this balancing act between natural charm. If you prefer creativity, choose the designs in Waitakere Range and we shall come up with a innovative laying pattern. The shades can vary from light to dark shades of gray and green. This ensures a purist foundation, on which green elements and plants are particularly beautiful.

We are not about to join a trend. "Urban Jungle" meets a zeitgeist, which we consciously support. It is in keeping with our attitude to design flooring for spaces and places where people feel good for a long time.

Let the green wave move in with you! We are happy to advise you individually and personally.