Trends and fashions are wave movements: what was announced yesterday disappears again today. But things that have long since been forgotten appear again. For example, in the design floor, the classic herringbone installation. It has been experiencing a renaissance for some time after celebrating its last big boom in the 1960s.

Herringbone, Ladder and Wood Block -  The interest of private individuals is increasing
The trend is not brand new. As Early as 2013/2014, the first signs of a returned to the pattern were being noticed especially from the shopfitting sector. In addition to the classically elegant herringbone pattern, there are other laying techniques such as ladder flooring and wood block. Meanwhile, more and more private individuals are interested in laying patterns in their own rooms. And so are the trend!

Project Floors has in its range a vast variety of Luxury Vinyl planks of various decors that will suit your needs. With these the patterns Herringbone, Ladder Floor and Wood block can be laid perfectly. Especially on a larger surface, you can achieve a great effect and interesting lighting effect.

Design Floors and Pattern Laying - A Successful Combination
Here, pattern laying with design flooring is a successful combination to design rooms individually. The authentic imitation of wood looks can hardly be distinguished from the real wood by the surface embossing and the realistic wood sound. However, our design floor does not stop at any room: An Elegant bathroom with a wooden floors in Herringbone pattern? With the design floor no problem at all...
It Works equally just as well in the private living area with everyone enjoying the classic and elegant way of laying.